Experiment, my very first try at Object Oriented Programming using JavaScript, CSS and HTML. No images.

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HTML GET values in Javascript

Reads the values from url, using function name for previous php programmers.

// gerUrlVars from modified to correct some errors in the code.
function $_GET() {
    "use strict";
    var vars = {}, parts = window.location.href.replace(/[?&]+([^=&]+)=([^&#]*)/gi, function (m, key, value) {
        vars[key] = value;
    return vars;

Major change on this version is the regex that is adapted to support Anchor links (hash tags in url).

var value = $;
if (typeof value !== "undefined") { // checks that value has been set, prevents error for trying to read undefined value.

alerts “test”

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Alignment function

Javascript left or right alignment script, with overflow control.
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The business Canicus Ingenious Solutions

For about 10 years, I have been thinking about starting my own company.
Be your own boss, and all that tempting stuff that comes along with accounting and billing.

so being on an absence of leave from my employment as a consultant for Proffice, to study at the university, I found myself in a very interesting situation.
A: I suddenly do not work 8 hours, plus lunch plus commute every day.
B: My finances are sorted out by the Swedish Centrala studiestödsnämnden, who gives out loans to students.
C: Studying Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, I found myself wanting to go more hands on.

Start it all up
Well, I register the firm on the 1st of February, got my tax and banking sorter and today moved one step along the road, sending out my first offering to a customer.
Not a big project, only a few hours but that’s perfectly in line with my business plan.

Why should you care?
Why do I write this here, for the world to read?
Because I want to tell you, don’t wait 10 years like I did.
If you want to start your own company, do it.
Dont wait around for the perfect this and perfect that, let it be a sideshow to your boring day job, just start it up and learn by doing.

What you do today is experience tomorrow
I am happy to have experience from many different fields, because of my work experience during the past 10 years. However, even if I don’t know if it would be for the better of for the worse, I would have had experiences now from running a company if I started a business when I first thought about it.

What is my biggest flaw?
I tend to assume that what I learned by doing, by interest, by working, is things everyone can do if they want to. I do not view my knowledge as special. This has changed since I started at the University, where I find more often than I had expected that my skill set and many of my skills it not at all what “everyone” can do. Partly because everyone does not share the same interests as me, they do not have the same experience as me because the did not travel the same path as me.

Time to improve
Even if I am working on telling people what I am good at, what I can do. I still appreciate what others can offer and seek to find how I can learn from them. Weaknesses are presented to us so that we have something to improve, once we have worked on it for a while and get good at something, we will eventually find something else we want to improve.

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New Phone, in a year or so

I bought the Sony Xperia S when released on a contract that cost a grand total 7 590 SEK over 2 years (est. € 865).
Since the phone was released only last year, there is atleast one more year before I start looking for a new phone, but concidering the phone I will eventually get will have a potential to be atleast twice as good, I started thinking about what a phone should support. What I really want.

There are probably a thousand functions I just take for granted that are not mentioned here at all.

I am aware that some of these functions are software based, and should be implemented by the operating system and some are hardware and needs to be created in the development process.

  • Battery life 5 days, and I’m not talking standby mode.
  • Built in battery saving functions, to minimize battery usage when it should be inactive.
  • AMOLED display simply because they are thin awesome and use less power.
  • Pressure sensitive display, so that I can have more intuitive control.
  • Lots and lots of sensors to allow for creative application usages.
  • a ‘Real’ camer, to end the reign of the compact camer once and for all.
  • Optical zoom worth mentioning.
  • NFC simulator so I can store my NFC tags in the phone and use it instead.
  • Contact lists seamless transition between different contact lists such as facbook, gmail, phone.
  • Remote lockdown rendering the unit completely worthless if stolen.
  • Water/Dust resistant dropping it in a pool of water no problem.
  • 5 years warranty Just to make me trust it more.
  • Cloud storage stores all pictures, applications and such on the cloud, by default.
  • 32GB storage With cloud storage, I really dont need that much on the unit.
  • Upgradeable storage Just in case 😉
  • Micro-USB/HDMI This is pretty much standard these days.
  • Wireless charging I know there are already phones out that support this.
  • Play-to function I just love showing off pictures or video on the TV, its just better.
  • 4G or whatever they call it next year…
  • Limited amount of physical buttons like Power and Camera, they are always good.
  • Drop safe casing dropping a phone should hurt you no more then to actually bend down and retreive it

That was just about what I could think of right now, prices are hard because any estimation would be unrealistic. But for a phone, really keeping the price in the lower end of 10,000 – 5,000 SEK is what people are willing to pay, still its a big span.
Looking with interest on the Samsung Galaxy S4, however since I am not due for a new phone untill next year the S4 will be old when its time.

I wonder what Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia and Apple are cooking.

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