New Phone, in a year or so

I bought the Sony Xperia S when released on a contract that cost a grand total 7 590 SEK over 2 years (est. € 865).
Since the phone was released only last year, there is atleast one more year before I start looking for a new phone, but concidering the phone I will eventually get will have a potential to be atleast twice as good, I started thinking about what a phone should support. What I really want.

There are probably a thousand functions I just take for granted that are not mentioned here at all.

I am aware that some of these functions are software based, and should be implemented by the operating system and some are hardware and needs to be created in the development process.

  • Battery life 5 days, and I’m not talking standby mode.
  • Built in battery saving functions, to minimize battery usage when it should be inactive.
  • AMOLED display simply because they are thin awesome and use less power.
  • Pressure sensitive display, so that I can have more intuitive control.
  • Lots and lots of sensors to allow for creative application usages.
  • a ‘Real’ camer, to end the reign of the compact camer once and for all.
  • Optical zoom worth mentioning.
  • NFC simulator so I can store my NFC tags in the phone and use it instead.
  • Contact lists seamless transition between different contact lists such as facbook, gmail, phone.
  • Remote lockdown rendering the unit completely worthless if stolen.
  • Water/Dust resistant dropping it in a pool of water no problem.
  • 5 years warranty Just to make me trust it more.
  • Cloud storage stores all pictures, applications and such on the cloud, by default.
  • 32GB storage With cloud storage, I really dont need that much on the unit.
  • Upgradeable storage Just in case 😉
  • Micro-USB/HDMI This is pretty much standard these days.
  • Wireless charging I know there are already phones out that support this.
  • Play-to function I just love showing off pictures or video on the TV, its just better.
  • 4G or whatever they call it next year…
  • Limited amount of physical buttons like Power and Camera, they are always good.
  • Drop safe casing dropping a phone should hurt you no more then to actually bend down and retreive it

That was just about what I could think of right now, prices are hard because any estimation would be unrealistic. But for a phone, really keeping the price in the lower end of 10,000 – 5,000 SEK is what people are willing to pay, still its a big span.
Looking with interest on the Samsung Galaxy S4, however since I am not due for a new phone untill next year the S4 will be old when its time.

I wonder what Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia and Apple are cooking.

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