Shared economy spreadsheet

We all love to pay our bills!

Maybe not, but it can be made easier with this budget spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will help you and your spouse iron out any economical issues.

What does it do?

The spreadsheet will take your incomes, calculate how much of the total income and hold you accountable for the same percentage of the expences.

What do we need to do?

Save any receipt that you get when buying things that are for the shared economy. What is counted as shared should be a discussion you take up with your spouce. In my personal case it means I pay for my motorcycle and my spouce pays for smoking, we do not add those in the shared expenses.

Fill in the total value of the monthly bills, next fill in how much each has payed in the shared receipts. Then you will get an amount of how much you are liable to put into the shared account

It’s not working!

Let me know, I’ll fix it.

I can’t edit things!?

The document is protected, to prevent any accidental editing of the formulas.

Where do I get it?

Right here budget spreadsheet

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